Wani Ardy : Songwriter/Scriptwriter/Lecturer

Dari myspace Wani Ardy:

”Wani Ardy is an aspiring songwriter, a freelance scriptwriter and a full time lecturer. She writes her songs in Bahasa, English and even both at once. Nothing Shakespearean, though. Just feelings and stories. She does not know what is ‘in’ and what is not because she listens to the same old songs again and again. She refuses to be seen as a singer or a musician, claiming that she merely plays “pathetic basic chords.” She is probably the worst guitar player in her family, but she could also be the best dreamer.”

Wani Ardy.

Sangat bertuah sebab dapat interview beliau ptg tadi for magazine E9. Saya acctually tak pernah tgk her live performance. Tapi ramai yang kata, wani ardy a very good performer. so, insyaAllah next time kena tgk ni cik wani perform ya? hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

A great talent with a great attitude. Thanks to oat yg kenalkan Wani Ardy to me. =)

#For more info about Wani Ardy, click here.


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~ by yanniz on August 2, 2008.

10 Responses to “Wani Ardy : Songwriter/Scriptwriter/Lecturer”

  1. Sama-sama terima kasih. Siap 2nd print demo nanti I bagi ok? Kalau I lupa silalah kick.

  2. saya kenal la gadis ini… oh, saya suka b n w.
    and apakah magazine e9?

  3. wani. thnks juga sbb sudi diintebiew. hehhe. ok, lupe i kick. yeah. hahahahahha XD

    beck. sy suke gak bnw dan keta B&W. hahah. magazine E9 start ogos. suppose dah de. tp lom kuar lg. biasela awal awal. tak betol lg tarikh kluaran ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hai saya mimin! saya suka ganggu orang yg sedang sibuk! piss!

  5. dik cerdas sorg ni nak kene silambam! haha

  6. hang shoot utk E9 ? hahahaaa…sapa reporter? kak ina? aku pun shoot utk E9…

  7. tgk tu..xajak lg..aram nyibuk ja dak ajak ni..sipak mau?wahahaha

  8. great pictures. she looks like her music, no? all wonderful kinds of Lovely.


  9. love this one….
    i wanna put ur link as my fave photographer…

    really cool…


  10. i have question.. i love music n i create my own music..
    but i have 1 weekness..i can’t make a lyrics…can i know how you create ur lyrics…smtimes i try to create about my life bt i can’t…..cn u help me or give idea to me…

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