Wedding or Engagement?

//Deknoe & Fandi – Engagement Day

Ni hanyalah old pics masa saya shoot this great lady designer, Deknoe bertunang. Saja letak balik. Sebab before nie , diorg nye engagement day lah my last job shoot wedding/engagement. Sbb then saya dah sibok. Tapi la nie I’M BACK!!!. hahaha. Cuma saya kurangkan shoot wedding/engagement nie, sbb nye ianya akan normally pd weekend. And weekend gak lah i’m always busy with event. hahahha! But mane tau kan, if sesape yg tetiba nak guna my perkhidmatan for ur ‘day’ n i’m free that time? Why not? =)


Yanniz | 012 272 4487 |
/a designer, photographer and part time journalist & colourist. and i do FREELANCE. So do mail or call me! (click?)


~ by yanniz on June 22, 2008.

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